Charlie Whalley/ January 25, 2016/ Team/ 0 comments

Charlie Whalley is a fictional character hailing from Cookie Biscuit Land, if by fictional you mean “by God this woman is too good to be true, where does all this talent come from”?!?!
She is a former Army brat, current web series creator and future crazy cat lady. Charlie has acted since she was 14 years old when realised people actually do this for a living and has recently progressed in the last few years into writing and producing.
Her current projects include this silly sketch troupe, a web series she co-wrote/produced/acted in called Clambake and a feature film that’s a little less on the funny side called Trigger. If you prefer to stare at Charlie in real life rather than creepily through your computer screen, you can find her pouring a pint or two at your local Jack Astor’s- because that’s how bills get paid!

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