Christopher Seeney/ January 25, 2016/ Team/ 0 comments

Christopher Seeney is a writer, director, performer, singer, songwriter, chef, occasional water skier, film collection organizer, and more.. Or in other words, a sexdecuple threat. He`s also efficient at looking up obscure words on the internet. So scratch that, make it a septendecuple threat.

Chris performs on and off with his fellow conservatory program graduates in a live improvised soap opera, Calm Springs, currently going into it`s 3rd season. He also performs monthly with his improv troupe, Shots Fired at The Social Capitol. He’s acted in short films, commercials, corporate training spots and music videos. If you Google his net worth, the search engine will assume that you meant to ask about Kelsey Grammer, …whose net worth is $60 million. Way to go, Frasier! Fuckin’ show off.


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