Adam Fawns/ May 16, 2017/ Alumni

Aliya’s bag of comedy tricks includes standup, sketch and improv. She was super excited to join the CookieBiscuits team after they practically begged her to be part of it…seriously, it was embarrassing (no, she did not write this bio herself and would never try and manipulate a situation to make herself feel validated, how dare you sir!). Needless to say, Aliya enjoys the sound of her voice so profoundly that the first time she tried standup she was hooked! She has had the opportunity to perform in various cities and festivals in Canada and the US (which she casually brings up in conversation as often as possible). In addition to performing, Aliya has written, directed and and produced a couple short films and some quirky online sketches, including her wacky web series, “Juicy”.  After recently completing the Second City Conservatory Program, Aliya is proud to have been selected for the Bob Curry Fellowship for 2017. When she is not busy laughing at her own jokes, she can usually be found somewhere eating her feelings