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Dear America, Why I Won’t ‘Unfriend’ You.

Charlie Whalley/ November 9, 2016/ Articles

  Right now it must feel like the entire world is either yelling or laughing at you… Or some weird combination of both. It’s hard, and I’m sorry if this was not the outcome you had hoped when you voted in your election. Equally, if you did vote for Trump and are celebrating, I’m not here to judge you for

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Tinder Time-Traveller

Adam Fawns/ June 26, 2016/ Articles

Toronto man committed as time-traveller after using “olden-day conversation” instead of sending a dick-pic   A Toronto woman contacted authorities on Monday after a man sent her Tinder messages comprising entirely of unsolicited sentences, instead of the customary photo of a dick.  The woman, a UofT post-grad, was trying to remain strong while visibly shaken;  “It was disgusting.  There was

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Sex Acts

GD2WP BOT/ June 21, 2016/ Articles/ 0 comments

His and Her Sex Moves for the Overly (and heinously) Adventurous     We’ve all heard about these horrific sex moves created to tickle the funny bones of the inner teenage boy in all of us. From the mildly “waaaay past vanilla” kinky to the down right “you should really get a restraining order and go into witness protection” obscene.

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10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Should Be President

Christopher Seeney/ March 17, 2016/ Articles/ 0 comments

…based on his name alone.   Written by Christopher D. Seeney (Canadian) and Adam Fawns (Aussie)     Reason 10: Urban Dictionary “Bernie” is “A very attractive person, about 5 foot 2.” “Sander” is “A guy who is almost too sexy, ya know, like he ain’t from this earth.”   Reason 9: Great nicknames and catchphrases He gives Republicans a “sick Bern”. His

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Charlie Whalley/ March 17, 2016/ Articles/ 0 comments

Can we please calm our tits about Kim Kardashian’s tits?   I’m not going to lie, I haven’t actually read a full article, followed all the tweets or seen the original photo of Mrs West baring her breasts. However, I still have an opinion on this very polarising matter: of pretty much no opinion- at least on Kim’s two cans.

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My Two Minutes with Colin

Christopher Seeney/ March 15, 2016/ Articles/ 0 comments

They say never meet your heroes. But if your hero is Colin Mochrie – best known as a legendary veteran of the improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway? – do whatever you can to meet him. Last Tuesday I did just that and got to perform with him. My experience was 2 minutes that I I’ll remember for a very

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